A Look at the StandStand Production Process

StandStand is manufactured in the United States using sustainable materials, with all production based out of my hometown of Superior, Wisconsin. Paul Peterson, my football and mock trial teammate from high school, runs the show out of his woodworking shop, Rob’s Custom Cabinetry, which his dad passed on to him.

StandStand is really a community effort, and Rob’s Custom Cabinetry goes way back for me, even before I imagined what StandStand could be. Paul’s dad, Rob, gave me a good job in the shop for two summers during college, allowing me to learn basic woodworking skills and shop safety. Without Rob’s, perhaps I would have never dreamed up StandStand! So, it gives me great satisfaction that we’re teaming up with Rob’s for this endeavor. Every StandStand will help provide work for the people who live where I grew up.

We’re proud of our roots and would love to share them with you! So, here’s a little look behind the scenes at Rob’s, where all the magic happens!

Paul Peterson with CNC Machine
Our Kickstarter campaign enabled us to invest in a CNC machine, the tool we use for making StandStands. It can cut the panels faster than we can do it using hand routers. Here’s a look at Paul in action with it!

StandStand Varnish Drying
Before they ship, first they drip. (Varnish stage)

StandStand Production Collage
During the production and shipping process for the Kickstarter StandStand orders, Paul’s team was absolutely amazing in action (even on Halloween!).

Lindsay Noll and Ria Doing Quality Control
Lindsay flew up to Superior to help out during Kickstarter production. Here she is with Ria doing quality control. Ria is super cool. She studied woodworking and is now learning welding. A true maker!

New CNC Machine with Luke and Paul
Last, but not least, this is the CNC machine — alongside me and Paul — that gets all the work done. Couldn’t have done it without it or our Kickstarter backers. Thank you, everyone!

We’re so proud to be helping out our hometown economy and building a product stateside that’s sustainable and healthy. Let us know if you have questions about the production process in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook, where we’re always hanging out to chat!