Happy 2015, StandStanders!

Happy 2015, StandStanders!

As you may know, we got started on Kickstarter, and we just wrapped up shipments for everyone this past December!

Emails and photos from happy backers have made this holiday an especially nice one for us. After all the hard work and uncertainty involved in a project like this, the satisfaction that we’ve been hearing has been such an encouraging validation of the project. Thank you!

New Years StandStand User Photos

It has been our hope all along to use the outcry of support through Kickstarter to turn StandStand into a small company based in Superior, Wisconsin. As the first next step, Lindsay and I are taking our first-ever trip to Las Vegas to participate in CES, a conference that we’ve been told is the Disney World of electronics and a good way to connect with computer users from around the US and beyond. Wish us luck in this first effort at post-Kickstarter marketing!