Bamboo: Get To Know Our Beautiful Grass Option

We are absolutely proud of our Bamboo StandStand, which has a presence that is simply unmatchable. But it’s much more than a pretty face — our bamboo is strong and sustainable! We want you to be as knowledgable about your StandStand as we are, so here we’ll share with you just how awesome our bamboo material is!

First of all, bamboo is cool because it’s a grass, not a tree. It’s one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, with some species of bamboo growing as much as 35 inches within a 24-hour period!

The bugger is strong, too, which is illustrated in the woodshop, as well as on your desk. Bamboo dulls our cutters a little more quickly than the smooth birch, for example… But we’re willing to take a hit in production costs for the ability to work with such an environmentally-friendly product. You can’t argue with having access to one of the fastest growing “wood-type” products on the market, especially when it’s as breathtakingly beautiful as bamboo.

Luke Leafgren with Bamboo StandStand

The rise of the bamboo market has taken pressure off of the more traditional wood species, I’ve read, and that’s likely because this grass just doesn’t stop. When a bamboo pole is harvested, the root system stays intact and regenerates quickly. Plus, people just seem to love the look, feel, and eco-friendly nature of this plant.

Well-known earth-loving publication Treehugger isn’t so sure bamboo is so great, but from editor Lloyd Alters’ take, it sounds like having a good supplier helps, and by golly, ours is excellent! We work with Teragren, one of North America’s leading developers of environmentally-friendly bamboo building products, which supplies us with high quality and eco-friendly material.

Our bamboo is LEED certified for being a rapidly renewable resource and having low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

We know StandStand users care as much about our product’s origin as we do. So, let us know if you have questions about our bamboo! We’re always a tweet away at @getstandstand.