Advantages of Our Bamboo Standing Desks

elegant collapsible stand up deskAt StandStand, we couldn’t be happier that people are getting on board with a more eco-friendly lifestyle. That being said, we use bamboo for some of our standing desks and our customers are thrilled. Not only is bamboo durable but it adds a bit of flair to any room.

Again, durability is one of the major reasons that people are head-over-heels for bamboo furniture. Unlike other woods, bamboo is resistant to the everyday wear and tear and can handle a beating (if you aren’t very gentle with your belongings, this is for you). If you plan on giving your standing desk a great deal of use, opt for our bamboo desks.

Resistance to swelling isn’t something that may cross your mind but consider when you will be using your standing desk. If you’re bringing the bamboo standing desk outside in the summer or you plan on traveling with it and using the desk outdoors, you must plan on the atmosphere changing. Humidity, dry air and temperature changes won’t have any negative effects on bamboo.

Bamboo is economically viable. What does this mean exactly? Bamboo grows in tropical zones and rural environments. By purchasing bamboo from these locations, we are helping to develop other economies. This also reduces industrial and urbanization impacts. Bamboo is ultimately helping with modernization!

Lightweight furniture has become increasingly popular and StandStand is on board. It’s easy to transport your bamboo desk, unlike heavier hardwoods. This is especially important with our standing desks as a majority of our customers are bringing their desks to and from work.

Maintenance isn’t anything you need to worry about with bamboo standing desks. Since bamboo doesn’t get as damaged from water, the wood won’t rot. It’s also termite resistant and all you need is a damp cloth when cleaning it off.

Purchase your StandStand bamboo desk today and see what everyone is raving about. Feel free to fill out our contact form if you have any questions!