Best Practices for Using a Standing Desk

elegant sit stand desk in bambooMaking moves to better your health? Then you’ve probably already purchased a standing desk. If you’re a first timer, don’t worry, getting adjusted can be a bit tricky. Just hang in there because you’re on your way to decreasing your risk of anxiety, depression, weight gain and high blood pressure. We’re here to help you get acclimated to your new standing desk.

Understanding Posture

Your neck, torso, legs and head should all be in line. Using a footrest to shift your weight between feet is going to make things a lot easier. Make sure to wear shoes that give you ample support.

Monitor Placement

Keep the laptop or monitor at arm’s length and the screen should be above eye level. If you wear glasses, the monitor can be lowered an additional 1-2 inches. You’ll also want the brightest light source off to the side. If you use two monitors, keep them in close proximity to one another and at an angle. However, if one monitor is used significantly more than the other, place the other monitor to the side.

Keyboard & Mouse Placement

The mouse and keyboard should be on the same surface and close enough where your elbows remain close to your body. When typing, the wrists should be straight and your upper arms close to the body. Using keyboard shortcuts can reduce the amount of mouse use and you can adjust mouse sensitivity for a lighter touch.

Roll Your Shoulders

Hunched, slumped shoulders are almost inevitable for those of us who have been sitting in an office for years. When switching to a standing desk, you may have found yourself with an awkward stance. Take 10 seconds here and there to focus on your shoulders. Move your shoulders forward, up and then as far back as you can. Make sure the shoulder blade slides gently down the spine.

Go For a Quick Walk

Whether you’re standing or sitting, being immobile is just downright bad for your health. Go for a quick walk, whether it’s five minutes or 20 minutes. Try a five-minute walk at least once an hour.

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