How Stand Up Desks Relieve Back Pain

A majority of Americans have neck and back pain due to sitting for an extended period of time. It may seem a bit off but people don’t know how to sit correctly at their desk – think about the height and angles of your desk and how they factor into neck and back pain.

Typically, people slump their back and shoulders or their head is pushed forward when they do work. This is one of the major causes of back and neck pain. Your neck and upper back muscles have to work much harder when the weight of your head is always pulling forward.

How a Standing Desk Can Help

Standing desks are a great solution for those who want to avoid neck and back pain or are seeking a healthier life. Although you might not be in any pain yet, you should be proactive about neck and back pain before it begins.

By constantly standing, you’re relieving pressure on your neck and back and promoting a healthier posture. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,  standing for one hour reduces neck and back pain by 54%.

When using a standup desk, make sure your monitor is at eye-level and the keyboard is at the height of your hands when your forearm is parallel to the floor. An anti-fatigue floor mat is also a good idea so you can take pressure off your legs and feet.  Your arms should stay at a 90-degree angle and keep elbows close to the body to avoid slouching.

You can certainly sit for a little bit throughout the day. Some people prefer to start off standing for two hours and gradually increasing to four. When it comes to standing desks, don’t stay at the desk all day like a statue.  Shift weight on your toes, going up and down six to eight times and try some shoulder rolls. If you can, avoid wearing heels as this can create problems with the knees, hips and back.

Standing desks are specifically designed to help fix posture and keep your back free from pain. By having your computer screen at the same level as your eyes, you can prevent the strain on your back since you won’t be looking down.