How Standing Desks Can Increase Productivity in the Classroom

It’s not only offices that are embracing the use of standing desks but classrooms are getting in on the action. Abby Brown, a teacher at Stillwater Area School District in Minnesota, shares her enthusiasm over the use of standing desks by stating, “This way, students feel much more in control. They feel like it’s their option, and they don’t have to sit perfectly still and feel confined.”

Study #1

In a study conducted in 2008, children have to move in order to focus during intense mental tasks. Additionally, director of the Laboratory of Integrative Human Physiology, Dr. Donald Dengel co-authored a 2011 study which researched changes in caloric expenditure from standing desks. Participants burned 113 kilocalories a day, equaling half a candy bar.

Study #2

In another study, researchers followed third and fourth graders in three elementary schools in Texas. The study found that children who spent more time on their feet lost weight when using standing desks instead of standard classroom desks.

Study #3

During an ongoing study of two years, 24 teachers were randomly assigned to incorporate standing desks or regular desks into their classrooms. Results indicate that students who used standing desks for two years in a row had their BMI move 5 percentiles lower.

Study #4

Creator of the first treadmill desk, James Levine, explains that it’s important for students to stay active during the school day. Test scores even jumped 10 to 15% in schools that used standing desks.

Other research has found that sedentary time is linked to poor academic achievement as well as low self-esteem. Making children sit is unnatural as they need to move around and stay active. Pediatric endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Dr. Seema Kumar, states, “Children may become more active overall and these changes in behavior may translate into better weight outcomes, improved ability to learn and pay attention and greater self-esteem.”

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