Psychological Benefits of a Standing Desk

It’s clear that sitting for long hours, day after day can lead to a slew of health issues such as increased risk of obesity and high blood pressure. Often times, people don’t consider the psychological consequences as well. Through the use of standing desks, people are beginning to notice improvements in both their physical and mental well-being.

  • Blood Circulation – By standing for an extended period of time, blood circulates more efficiently which means oxygen is being pumped into the brain. Ultimately, your mind remains focused so you become much more productive.


  • Small Movements – When you stand up at your desk you’ll probably notice yourself making small movements. Whether you’re tapping your fingers, shuffling your feet or playing with your pen cap, these motions keep a portion of your brain busy while the rest of your attention is focused on what needs to be done. When standing, feel free to stretch out your arms or even dance a little bit to keep the back of your mind occupied.


  • Better Posture – If you stand at your desk with your shoulders back rather than slumped over, you’ll begin to feel more confident. You’ll end up feeling positive effects over time the longer you stand at your desk, which means you will stand more confidently and feel more confident. Set aside time every day to practice a more powerful stance and over time you will start feeling self-assured.


  • Increased Stamina – For those with a mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety, a standing desk can work wonders. Most people see an increase in stamina and mental alertness.

Choose StandStand for Your Standing Desk

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