What is Silicon Valley Syndrome & How Can it Be Prevented?

Back in the 90’s, Northern California began booming with tech jobs. Now some of the largest companies call San Fran their home base. The only downfall – Silicon Valley Syndrome. This is also referred to as “Computer Posture.” Wherever you look, whichever state you reside in, you’ll see people struggling with their posture due to their 9-5 office jobs.

back pain

Some of the classic symptoms include stiff neck and tight shoulders along with a sharp pain going down the spine. During the weekend, it might get easier but come Monday, that sharp pain is back.

A sedentary lifestyle leads to an increased risk of diabetes as well as obesity and heart attacks. In a recent study, young Americans were found to be three times as likely as older Americans to cut back on technology when they noticed symptoms of Silicon Valley Syndrome. Older Americans were twice as likely to take prescription medications to treat this.

The Street discusses that Silicon Valley Syndrome has led to $20 billion being lost each year on workers’ compensation related to back, neck and eye issues. Health workers want to combat this syndrome by having Americans exercise for over 150 minutes each week.

Use a Stand Up Desk

Using a stand up desk such as the lightweight, easy to assemble desks by StandStand is a surefire way to improve your posture and prevent neck and back aches. Not only will you notice your posture changing, but you’ll be much more productive at work. Standing desks allow users to move around more frequently, stretch out their legs, back and arms. You’ll slowly realize you aren’t hunching and can stand with confidence. Browse through our products to see which desk is right for you!