Thanks, Christine Preusler and!

Christine Preusler wrote an amazing article about StandStand on The site describes itself as “the authority on web hosting,” and “an independent source where you can get real reviews, advice, and guides that are 100% real!” Christine has reviewed hundreds of products, solutions, and companies for She really knows her stuff! 

It’s so exciting to have something about StandStand, written by an expert, for an audience of IT pros, developers, and designers who spend a ton of time “hunched over their machine at home.” 

I hope that StandStand can make life a little more comfortable for those that are spending many hours at their laptops and may not have the same permanent workstation setup at home that they were used to in the office. Christine points out that StandStand is affordable and it doesn’t take up much space (it folds up flat and out of the way when it’s not being used). And it will look beautiful in your home! All reasons not to accept stiff neck, tight shoulders, or spinal pain, even when working from home. Even temporarily.