What is Silicon Valley Syndrome & How Can it Be Prevented?

Back in the 90’s, Northern California began booming with tech jobs. Now some of the largest companies call San Fran their home base. The only downfall – Silicon Valley Syndrome. This is also referred to as “Computer Posture.” Wherever you look, whichever state you reside in, you’ll see people struggling with their posture due to their 9-5 office jobs.

back pain

Some of the classic symptoms include stiff neck and tight shoulders along with a sharp pain going down the spine. During the weekend, it might get easier but come Monday, that sharp pain is back.

A sedentary lifestyle leads to an increased risk of diabetes as well as obesity and heart attacks. In a recent study, young Americans were found to be three times as likely as older Americans to cut back on technology when they noticed symptoms of Silicon Valley Syndrome. Older Americans were twice as likely to take prescription medications to treat this.

The Street discusses that Silicon Valley Syndrome has led to $20 billion being lost each year on workers’ compensation related to back, neck and eye issues. Health workers want to combat this syndrome by having Americans exercise for over 150 minutes each week.

Use a Stand Up Desk

Using a stand up desk such as the lightweight, easy to assemble desks by StandStand is a surefire way to improve your posture and prevent neck and back aches. Not only will you notice your posture changing, but you’ll be much more productive at work. Standing desks allow users to move around more frequently, stretch out their legs, back and arms. You’ll slowly realize you aren’t hunching and can stand with confidence. Browse through our products to see which desk is right for you!

StandStand Bamboo

Bamboo: Get To Know Our Beautiful Grass Option

We are absolutely proud of our Bamboo StandStand, which has a presence that is simply unmatchable. But it’s much more than a pretty face — our bamboo is strong and sustainable! We want you to be as knowledgable about your StandStand as we are, so here we’ll share with you just how awesome our bamboo material is!

First of all, bamboo is cool because it’s a grass, not a tree. It’s one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, with some species of bamboo growing as much as 35 inches within a 24-hour period!

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StandStand Baltic Birch

Baltic Birch: A Closer Look At Our Baseline Material

So, you’re interested in getting standy with a Baltic birch StandStand? Great choice! We want you to be as knowledgable about your StandStand as we are, so here we’ll dig into our choice of material and tell you about just how awesome Baltic birch is.

First off, we chose Baltic birch for its unique strength, flexibility, and sustainability. It’s used in everything from longboards to airplanes, and it grows like wildfire.

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StandStand Heights with Luke Leafgren

What Size StandStand Should You Order?

So, you wanna get a StandStand, but you’re not sure what size is right for you? Well, you’ve found the right spot to figure it all out!

Standing Desk HeightStandStand comes in four heights: 9, 12, 14, and 16 inches. The perfect height for you is one that ensures your laptop’s keyboard is at or slightly below elbow height, as illustrated to the left.

StandStand is not adjustable, but you can buy the size that fits you (like a t-shirt!). Almost all tables and desks come in a standard height of 29-30 inches. So, no matter where you go, StandStand will likely be just about the same height from spot to spot once placed on top of a standard desk or table.

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StandStand Production Stacks

A Look at the StandStand Production Process

StandStand is manufactured in the United States using sustainable materials, with all production based out of my hometown of Superior, Wisconsin. Paul Peterson, my football and mock trial teammate from high school, runs the show out of his woodworking shop, Rob’s Custom Cabinetry, which his dad passed on to him.

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StandStand Bamboo Face

The StandStand Story: An Iterative Process

One morning during a meditation session, the thought crossed my mind that I could make a portable standing desk, something I could carry as easily as my laptop and set up on any table and desk. Since tables and desks are found everywhere, I only needed to raise my computer about twelve inches.

I made my first prototype within a week. I thought a trapezoid would give stability, but it pivoted back and forth a lot. When I added two sticks to brace it, that was already six pieces—too many to carry easily.

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Using StandStand Outdoors with Luke Leafgren

8 Product Features That Define StandStand

Sitting is deadly! In recent years, scientists have found that the more you sit, the earlier you die. In fact, sitting is “more dangerous than smoking.”

I started getting nervous because my work and hobbies have me sitting at the computer for many hours every day. I thought about investing a lot of money in a standing desk, which have been shown to improve your health, burn more calories, and even make you 10% more productive.

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