Standing Desks are Now in Libraries

Standing desks have been growing in popularity as they offer a slew of benefits including lowered risk of obesity, boosted productivity, improved blood sugar, and lowered risk of heart disease. It’s not only businesses that are getting in on the trend. Now, libraries are making space for standing desks – specifically, college campuses.

Standing desks have recently been placed at the Law Library in Georgetown, the libraries at NC State University, the D’Angelo Law Library at the University of Chicago and the Berkeley Library at the University of California per students’ requests.

NC State University is going above and beyond to make their students feel comfortable by incorporating exercise balls and foot rests. Originally, only one standing desk was installed at the D’Angelo Law Library at the University of Chicago but due to its popularity, they’ve incorporated several more.

Other libraries featuring standing desks, include:

  • Keffer Library – University of St. Thomas
  • Hampton Library – University of Southampton
  • Buswell Library – Wheaton College
  • Law Library – Pepperdine University
  • Goldman Law Library – Yale University
  • Health Sciences Library – New York Medical College
  • Main Library – The University of Edinburgh

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