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StandStand Angle is a portable laptop stand in natural bamboo that raises your computer screen and angles your keyboard for a more ergonomic experience.



StandStand Angle combats the inherent ergonomic flaw of laptops, which strain the neck by forcing us to look so far down. Raise your screen 4-5″ inches with StandStand Angle, and you’ll find life is looking up! The Angle is made in the USA from premium, environmentally friendly Teragren bamboo, and is sanded smooth to feel as good as it looks.

StandStand Angle weighs a mere 6 ounces. When packed flat it is 13″ x 4″ x 3/4″. Assembled, it fits in a 9″ square, rising to 4″ in the back. StandStand Angle is designed to work with a wide range of laptops.

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Weight .5 lbs

7 reviews for StandStand Angle

  1. Adam

    The Angle wins my vote. I have had to use this in the kitchen and at the dining room table because I keep my cookbooks on my laptop. I am pressed for space and need a way to operate efficiently. Another trouble, as usual, was that the traditional angle of a laptop was killing my wrists and shoulders. I bought this on a lark and did not know what to expect. The product has exceeded all of my standards: Wrist Stress is null, the wood is quality and very durable, the product is elegant-looking,and it economizes space.
    The other day my sister saw me using it. She also uses her laptop in her kitchen. Her first comment was, ” Where did you get that?” followed up by , “Boy I could use that”. I think StandStand has another satisfied customer on their hands.

  2. Paula Youmell

    I love this thing! It is literally a perfect thing to elevate my laptop for wrist angle, blah, blah, blah. My son stole it… apparently he thinks so too. ; ) I am getting another.

  3. Laura

    Shortly after I spilled coffee at my kitchen table, spreading liquid immediately to my laptop and ruining it forever, I was in a cafe and saw a guy with his laptop on this bamboo stand. “If only I’d had one of those in my house,” I lamented. I asked him about it. That night, I ordered this $25 item on a new $1000 laptop (#facepalm). It’s portable, so I could easily put the stand in a large purse or backpack, but I just keep it on my desk at home. It’s perfect and takes up no additional space on the desk. It’s easy to use the laptop and it’s high enough above the surface that no spilled liquid would get to the computer. Save yourself a thousand dollars and buy this instead.

  4. Chris B

    I now own three of these. Originally I backed them on Kickstarter, but I honestly can’t remember if it was the angle, normal, grand, or cookie that originally won me over (please bring back the cookie!) in the end, the angle is the best though! It’s a great space saver and it actually does move the keyboard on the laptop into a much more comfortable position to type on. Those points don’t matter, though, compared to the absolute best point about this: it positions the laptop at an angle that keeps the cat off the keyboard! This is not a joke review. I was continually annoyed that every time I walked away from the laptop I’d come back and the cat would be sitting on it. With the slight angle of the stand stand angle the cat won’t sit on it at all. Best. Purchase. Ever.

  5. Jackie Holmquist

    Got this as an extra when I ordered my Grand Stand with your kick start production. Love it. Portable, useful and pretty too.

  6. Vineet Vashisht

    Absolutely great product. Elegant, lightweight and really functional. I cannot believe how much difference it actually makes. It levels out the screen perfectly and angles the keyboard for easy typing. Actually will get another one for my colleague!

  7. Janice

    The Angle is the perfect angle. It has absolutely saved my neck and shoulders! Plus it is super portable and light weight, so I can set up anywhere. I strongly recommend The Angle!!

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