StandStand Angle

$ 25.00

StandStand Angle is a portable laptop stand in natural bamboo that raises your computer screen and angles your keyboard for a more ergonomic experience.

Product Description

StandStand Angle combats the inherent ergonomic flaw of laptops, which strain the neck by forcing us to look so far down. Raise your screen 4-5″ inches with StandStand Angle, and you’ll find life is looking up! The Angle is made in the USA from premium, environmentally friendly Teragren bamboo, and is sanded smooth to feel as good as it looks.

StandStand Angle weighs a mere 6 ounces. When packed flat it is 13″ x 4″ x 3/4″. Assembled, it fits in a 9″ square, rising to 4″ in the back. StandStand Angle is designed to work with a wide range of laptops.

Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs


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