StandStand in Birch

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  • Natural Birch
  • Holds 500x its own weight
  • Folds to size of laptop
  • Manufactured in the US
  • Weight varies between 1.5 and 2.8 lbs (based on height)

StandStand offers mobile standing desks in a bright, natural birch plywood that is hand-sanded to provide you with a smooth touch. Easily turn any table or desk into a standing desk, so you can go back and forth between sitting and standing. As puts it, StandStand is “lightweight, very strong, and one of the most affordable conversions available.” Be sure to check out StandStand in bamboo and StandStand Mouse!

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Travel Dimensions Assembled Dimensions Product Weight Suggested User
9-Inch 12″L x 9″W x 1.125″H 12″L x 9″W x 9″H 1.6 lbs < 5’5”
12-Inch 12″L x 9″W x 1.125″H 12″L x 9″W x 12″H 2.0 lbs 5’5” to 5’10”
14-Inch 14″L x 9.5″W x 1.125″H 14″L x 9.5″W x 14″H 2.3 lbs 5’10” to 6’2”
16-Inch 16″L x 9.5″W x 1.125″H 16″L x 9.5″W x 16″H 2.8 lbs > 6’2”

Want to know which size is right for you? Read our Height Suggestion Guide.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions N/A

9, 12, 14, 16

21 reviews for StandStand in Birch

  1. Tara Cronin (verified owner)

    Excellent Product

  2. Jordan

    love it. easy to assemble, lightweight, and sturdy for my macbook air. highly recommend.

  3. Marion Craig (verified owner)

    The stand- stand is very portable and breaks down/sets up quickly and easily. It also looks good and I can leave it set up at my home office desk (which is part of my eating area). It is functional and strict enough for computer work. Thanks for a great product!

  4. Kevin (verified owner)

    I’m a full time student working 50-60 hours per week watching online lectures, reading, and writing papers and responses online. I use my StandStand to alternate from sitting to standing as I type papers and other responses. I’m working to increase my standing time methodically so as not to overdo it while at the same time not sitting for hours at a time. This is part of a larger solution to overcome the sedentary nature of online coursework. I’m incorporating this approach along with riding my bicycle on a stationary trainer while watching lecture videos.

    My StandStand also allows me to type in areas where I have a better view of the nature that surround our home. I’m not bound to my desk. I love the color and cost point of the natural birch. I love the feel of the natural wood.

  5. MJ (verified owner)

    We have these stands all over our office. We use them with our computers sitting on the floor, standing at our desks, and standing in the window. We also use them for holding books, taking notes, and a variety of other uses. They are sturdy, easy to assemble and they store flat.

  6. AB

    I bought my StandStand recently and I love it! I use it every day. It is light, easy to assemble, and it’s a great way to motivate yourself to work while standing. I would recommend it to everyone and anyone!

  7. Michael

    With so many high end and low end standing desks on the market it’s hard to choose. Stand stand is a great option for those looking for something small and portable. If you want something for permanent home standing you may not be happy with it but it’s not designed for that. Stand stand is designed to be carried in a bag and let you stand in a coffee shop or other transient area. It’s super light and surprisingly stable. The portability is where they earn their reviews. There are cheaper small options available but none that fold up the size of a small laptop. If you want a standing desk that you can always have with you then stand stand is the way to go.

  8. Paul (verified owner)

    I bought this for law school, where sitting is a way of life… I love it and have gotten tons of interested questions about it. Way to go StandStand!

  9. Scott T. Barnes

    I really enjoy the StandStand. I bought a little taller than is probably good for my hands because I have some neck issues and I wanted the screen of my laptop closer to eye level. It works fine. I take it to a coffee shop and alternately stand and sit over the 1-2 hours I work there. It makes the pain I have in my backside (nerve issue) bearable while I’m working.

  10. mich

    Outstanding design, small footprint & verstatile! I love my standstand and would highly recommend!

  11. Marcia Lerner (verified owner)

    It’s good-looking and extremely useful, better to have a standing option than I thought it would be, and a pleasure to have one that is so appealing to the eye and hand.

  12. Adrian (verified owner)

    The standstand is amazing! I take it with me to school everyday and use it in every class. It works extremely well with my computer and is good to use with books as well. One of the best products that I’ve bought ever.

  13. Chad (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product ! I Absolutely LOVE my standstand desk. I use it every day and people always ask me about it. I recommend it to everyone! I especially love the portability of it. I can travel everywhere with it!

  14. Chad (verified owner)

    So small yet so sturdy! I love my standstand desk! its extremely easy to take down and put back together, the engineers must be geniuses! it makes it great for travel! I am suprised at how sturdy it is, being so small and light! but the wood is quality (even the cheapest model) so it holds up well. A+ rating for this desk! I would recommend it for everyone!

  15. Rachel (verified owner)

    Super lightweight, easy to put together and take apart, and fits in my backpack to travel with.

  16. Glenn (verified owner)

    A few years ago, I purchased a Standstand Grand. Great product. I’m now working more mobile-y, so set myself up with this, its portable cousin. It’s also a great product. If you’re looking for a standing desk that’s compact (when broken down), easy to set up, and lightweight for toting around, you won’t do better than this very well engineered model. To make this desk even more functional, I clamp a small cutting board to either side of the desktop (to create additional surface area for placing a phone stand and a coffee, on the one hand, and a mouse, on the other). (To stabilize this setup, I hang counterweights off both sides as well. It works perfectly.) Standstand also makes a mouse version (with a larger desk surface than this model). In the interest of capturing even more working surface, I’m shortly going to order that one — my third Standstand purchase. If you’re forming an impression that I’m a fan of this product, you’re right! Before I made my initial standing desk purchase (the Grand) I did a lot of research on this piece of office hardware. The Standstand stood out for the cleverness of its design, its portability, and its low price point. Two desks in (and a third round the corner), I couldn’t be happier with my choice to pursue this product line. I’ve already used my Standstand desks for years, and plan to continue doing so for years to come. Excellent product.

  17. Sree Sreenivasan

    I bought and loved this years ago when it first came out on Kickstarter. Loved it and used it. It got misplaced somewhere in our apartment, so I’m buying a new one.

  18. Lauren Reese (verified owner)

    I love my StandStand! I wanted a standing desk to work at home during the current lockdown but I travel alot with work so something portable was a must. This product was exactly what I needed and I have been recommending it to my friends and family. I also think it would be a great gift for a student, freelancer, or anyone else on the go.

  19. Kendra Wisely

    My stand is my favorite writing tool. It is light, versatile, beautifully designed, so practical. It saves my back.

  20. Janice

    I am very pleased with my Stand Stand! It is the perfect height, so all back and neck pain have ceased. Also, the Stand Stand is very portable! I can slip it into my computer bag and set up anywhere! I strongly recommend this product!

  21. W Schneider

    I bought the original StandStand through Kickstarter years (6+?) ago and I use it every single day. It has held up well and done what I needed it to do – offer me a way to have a portable desk at minimal wherever I go with minimal hassle or weight. The only thing I wish it that it was bigger, hence the 4 stars. Now, it’s an option to buy a StandStand with a larger top. If you use an external mouse or are constantly writing by hand while working on a laptop, it’s not fun to lean down to use your mouse or write, or use an upside down box as a way to make your standing desktop bigger. However, for the price, the aesthetics, the light weight, and the portability, this is an awesome product. I get questions about it and compliments on it all the time.

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