How To Design a Minimalist Booth for CES

Just a few months after our Kickstarter campaign ended, we decided to join the big dogs at CES 2015, the largest technology industry trade show out there. As a startup, it can be a bit intimidating to set up shop next to the Samsungs and Qualcomms of the world, but we felt that a place like CES — with its tech-focused and design-loving attendees — would be the perfect spot to get the word out about StandStand, the portable standing desk that every techie should have to work smarter and healthier!

Like many other startups exhibiting at their first trade show, we felt a bit overwhelmed with the booth options at first. Should we go with the relaxed, lounge style? Or the super shiny tech feel? Or try to get as much sustainable wood in our booth as possible? How many StandStands should we have out for passersby to try out? Chairs? No chairs? Couch? Carpet? Flyers? Banners? Built-out displays? AHHHH!

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